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Our Products

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The more we fathom our roots, we start valuing the treasure trove in nature. The wisdom has rightly been passed down the generations- to inculcate natural resources to lead a healthy and holistic life. Tinyone encourages you to build the foundation strong of your baby. We have a range of organic baby care products that will take care of each of your baby’s needs.

Our simple traditional practices formed the basis of our study. The ingredients used in our products are all organically grown, in various parts across the country. The health benefits of these native ingredients are already known but we have forgotten them over the years. We have rekindled our age-old traditions to adapt to today’s times for the overall growth and nourishment of your baby.


Tinyone Product Development

Under the expert guidance of dermatologists, our R&D team formulated each product. To get utmost benefits we have made use of maximum ingredients in each. Oils have been extracted in the most Hygienic way from raw ingredients. No chemicals or artificial fragrances were used in their making. Our products are all 99% organic, with only a slight addition of completely harmless preservatives to improve the shelf life of each product. All our products are dermatologically tested and approved by certified authorities. They are all Safe to use for all skin types.

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