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Face & Body Daily Lotion


Your baby’s fragile body needs to be protected from harsh external elements. Tinyone’s natural ingredients-based Face & Body Daily Lotion for babies forms a delicate shield on the body, and retains its tenderness. Our lotion not only smoothens and moisturizes the skin but also helps nourish and strengthen it, making it the best face & body lotion for babies. Judge it yourself by trying it. 


Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
Coconut Cream


  • Moisturises the skin.
  • Forms a delicate shield, protecting the baby from insect bites. Thus, reduces skin irritation.
  • Protects skin from any reaction or rash.
  • Has anti-septic qualities.
  • Absorbs deep in the skin, strengthening tissues and muscles.
  • Relaxes the baby and ensures serene sleep.

How to Apply

  • After bath you must immediately apply our body lotion on your baby’s entire body.
  • Gently massage it so it absorbs well in the skin.
  • If needed you can apply the lotion 2 – 3 times a day, if the skin feels dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately after bath you must apply the lotion all over the baby’s body and face. You can apply this lotion twice or thrice a day to prevent dryness of the skin.

Give a slight massage since the lotion absorbs easily in the body.

The lotion forms a thin layer to help protect the skin from any kind of rashes, redness, and insect bites.

Yes, all our products are suitable to use in all the seasons.

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