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Natural Products

We understand every parent wishes to give their baby all the love, warmth, and care. Tinyone’s organic natural ingredients-based baby care products are rooted in Indian culture, promising an overall development of your child. Your baby’s delicate body needs the right kind of nourishment for a healthy growth, accompanied by use of genuine products.

Our products are all 99% Natural, with only a slight addition of completely harmless preservatives to ensure a good shelf life. Right from collecting the raw ingredients from farms, extracting oils from them, the formulation in the laboratory with our R&D team, to the testing of the final product, every step was taken under the supervision and guidance of dermatologists. One can safely refer to them as the best baby-care products in India, and even if you aren’t convinced, we assure you that the Tinyone’s natural ingredients-based baby-care products will compete with and match any other baby-care product in the market any day.


Birth of Tinyone

To give every child a wholesome upbringing, we were inspired to imbibe our traditional practices to complement the demands of the modern times. The nature abounds with the necessary resources that help in the overall development of a baby.

Our culture deems valuable the treasures of nature, which over the years gave way to simple practices and remedies for baby care. Tinyone was established with the sole purpose to rekindle our age-old indigenous practices to suit the tenderness of babies. Your baby not only needs your warmth and love, but also good care and nourishment for a healthy growth.

Our Vision

It’s crucial to provide a favourable cocoon to babies, so their health can show lasting results. We commit to make available premium quality natural baby care products at an affordable price, so every parent can provide a healthy and hearty childhood to their baby.

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Our Philosophy

A mother’s womb is the safest haven for a baby. With the first breath, your baby takes step into the outer, new world altogether. The cocoon prolongs with breastfeeding, but equally precious are our traditional practices that ensured healthy growth of babies. Our grandmas wisely and lovingly involved themselves in baby care. We have simply blended all the treasured ingredients available in the nature to come up with a range of natural products that will take care of your child.



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